Fall Events

This fall there are some changes for spectators coming to Monroe sporting events.

Open containers will not be permitted into the stadium. That includes open water bottles, pop bottles/cans, restaurant to-go cups etc.  If you require and specific fluids, please contact the atheltic department in advance so we can help to prepare for your visit and to ensure that your trip to Monroe is comfortable.

The marching band will be moving into seating on the track area this year. The southern side of the home bleachers will not be available for spectators to use during varsity football home games.

Spectators will be asked to remain in the illuminated portions of the stadium, some areas will be blocked by a rope or fence. Those areas are only intended for staff and emergency use.  The underside of the home bleachers will be limited to staff use and emergency use only. All spectators using the home bleachers are asked to use the ramp and stairs at the south side of the bleachers.

Due to expected crowd size and to ensure safe walkways and conditions for all spectators Balls, frisbees and other items indended to be thrown will not be permitted in the gate. If you arrive at the gate with one of these items you may return it to your vehicle or you will be able to check it in at the gate and retrieve it at the conclusion of the event or in the high school office during normal school hours.

Messages on clothing and signage (including body paint) must be appropriate and support the education based athletic philosopy that the Mornroe, the SWBL, and OHSAA seek to maintain. Signage may be taken at any point for any reason if deemed nessecary by the event supervisors. 

Access to the pressbox, track and turf area is restricted and intended for use by event staff. Photographers and media will only be permitted in this area with proper credentials and by contacting the atheltic department in advance to secure access to specific areas.

Tailgating is permitted only in the reserved parking area and must be approved and may not begin before 4:15 pm on game days. All trash and debris must be cleared from the area by 11pm. Charcoal grills will not be permitted


If you have any questions please call 513 539-8111.