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Marching Band/Band Camp Requirements


1) Band Camp

  • Students will meet at 8:30AM on July 29 to begin camp.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the school campus during the camp day from 8:30AM-9:30PM.
  • Students may bring snacks, drinks, etc. with them. Refrigeration is not available.
  • All rules stated in the District Code of Conduct apply.
  • Band Camp is mandatory as we learn 80-90% of the year’s music and show during that week and the students rely on each other for field placement. Absences may require a doctor’s note.
  • All students must wear gym shoes to practices. (includes throughout the season)
  • Students are only allowed in areas related to our camp. i.e. marching field, band room, cafeteria and specifically designated rehearsal areas.  There are meetings and school staff working in the building that must not be disturbed.
  • Any severe infraction will result in the student being sent home and possible suspension from marching band.
  • Due to many students experiencing stomach ailments during camp, we ask that parents limit the amount of “unhealthy” snacks the student brings to camp.



2)  Marching Band Traditions

During Camp, and throughout the season, the students celebrate traditions and activities that have been observed by Monroe band students for many years.  These traditions are student driven and not administered by the band directors and staff.  Students are not required to participate; however, those activities that build unity and teamwork are encouraged.  If a student does not wish to participate, he or she may opt out and will not be punished or ridiculed for doing so.  If a student feels bullied or witnesses an activity that is inappropriate, please notify Miss Badgett immediately so that action may be taken. 


Past traditions include:  game night, class competitions, t-shirt contests, pass downs, spirit awards, etc.



3)  Parent Volunteers

Any adult who will be volunteering and working with students at camp must have their fingerprints on file with the Monroe Local School District.


4)  Absences from Camp

Any absences from camp will only be excused with a note from a physician.  It is EXTREMELY difficult for students to make up any missed time and does affect the success of the entire group.



Daily Camp Schedule

Students are expected to be early to all rehearsals.  Arriving late will have consequences!


Days will include marching fundamentals, music rehearsals, drill practice, breaks, meals and senior run activities.


A sample schedule might look like this:


8:30-12:00       Outside -marching fundamentals & drill setting

12:00-1:00       Lunch and break- students should pack their lunch

1:00-3:00         Inside- Sectional and music rehearsals

3:00-5:30         Flex time- Work on music, drill, individual help as needed

                                    Dinner- provided by Band Boosters

5:30-7:30         Outside- On field music and marching          

7:30-9:30         Fun group Activity



Camp Checklist


_____ Instrument*                  _____ Towel               _____ Change of clothes


_____ Extra pair of gym shoes                                   _____ Sunglasses

            (Gym shoes to be worn at all rehearsals)


_____ Extra socks                   _____ Bug Spray        _____ Sunscreen*


_____ Water Bottle labeled with name*                    _____ music lyre/flip folder/music*


_____ Hat       _____ Reeds/oil/sticks, etc.*              _____ Poncho                                    


                                                *indicates mandatory items


_____ You may bring cell phones, however, these may only be used on student’s break time.  ANY cell phones being used during rehearsal time will be confiscated and returned to the student at the end of the day.  A second offense will result in in the phone being confiscated until the end of camp.


DO NOT bring to camp


No electronics such as video games, TVs, etc.

No bicycles, roller blades, skateboard, etc.

Electric musical instruments

The band is not responsible any personal items that are damaged at camp.

All rules in the student code of conduct apply.

Marching Band Expectations & Contract


1)  All marching band members are expected to participate in all aspects of marching band including rehearsals, performances (football games, contests, etc.), pep rallies, parades and other events such as the 5K race unless excused in advance by Miss Badgett.


2)  Rehearsals

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 2:50 -4:30     
  • After school rehearsals are MANDATORY.  Work/babysitting is not an acceptable excuse. 
  • Butler Tech students are expected to attend after school rehearsals.
  • Minor rehearsal infractions. The directors may assign laps to be run, equipment be carried, etc. following rehearsal time or on breaks for minor infractions. 
  • Hydration is important during rehearsals!  Students should bring a water bottle to all rehearsals.
  • Students must wear clothing that adheres to the school dress code policy.  No short shorts, no spaghetti strap tops.
  • Tennis shoes or drill master’s are to be worn for every rehearsal. No flip flops or sandals!

3)  Performances

  • Appearance and unity counts. You are expected to sit with your section at games/performances.
  • No one other than band members will be allowed to sit with the band.  i.e. no friends/significant others.
  • No public displays of affection while at a performance event.  Especially when you are in uniform!!
  • Each band member is expected to behave properly at all times on the buses.  Follow the directions of your chaperones.
  • Unless we are early to a game, you will not be allowed to visit the concession stand until 3rd quarter.  Do NOT plan on eating or drinking until then. If a parent wishes to provide food for you at a game, this is permitted.  However, you are expected to participate in all playing during the game.
  • You are responsible for your own equipment. Do not ask anyone else to carry your “stuff”.
  • All music must be memorized by the first game.
  • Meeting members of the other band. The directors will choose who will meet weekly.  Other students will be permitted to meet the opposing band during the 3rd quarter break.
  • All students must return to the band stands and be ready to play at 0’00” of 3rd quarter.  Failure to show up on time will result in the loss of 3rd quarter break at the following game.
  • Any organized band event is a school function no matter what day or time.  Therefore, all school rules and disciplinary procedures apply.



4)  Uniforms

  • Uniform jackets may be taken off during games, ONLY if you are wearing a Monroe band shirt. Please take care to make sure uniforms are placed neatly on seats in a clean area. 
  • Students are expected to dress in appropriate uniform for all marching events. (Black socks, black shoes, all jacket parts, uniform pants and hat, auxiliary uniform, sweaters, skirt) Failure to do so may result in the student not performing for that game but standing at attention on the sideline.
  • Uniforms are expected to be clean and worn in appropriate manner. 
  • Uniforms are the property of the Monroe Band (Boosters and School District).  Please report any rips, tears or stains to Miss Badgett or Mrs. Etheridge (uniform coordinator) immediately.  Do not try to repair yourself!

5) Absences and Tardies: 

  • One (1) unexcused absence from rehearsal will result in the student not performing in        that week’s game/performance.  However, the student is expected to “dress” for that game/performance.
  • Babysitting/concerts/work will NEVER be considered an excused absence.
  • An unexcused tardy to practice/game will result in the loss of 3rd quarter time equivalent to the amount of time tardy.
  • A note from a parent must be given 24 hours in advance to request an excused absent from a rehearsal.  (24 hours following an emergency absence)  Please see the absence request form.


6)  Emergencies will be dealt with on an individual basis.


7)  Grading and Credit Policy

a)  Students must have a GPA of 1.75 in order to participate in marching band.


b)  Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to take marching band as a PE credit.  In order to qualify for that credit, complete the flex credit form and return to Miss Badgett by May 28.


c)  All 9-12 grade students will receive academic credit for membership in marching band even if they are not taking it for a PE flex credit.


            d)  Point values

                        Contests and other Saturday performances- 200 points each

                        Football Games- 100 points each

                        Parades- 100 points each

                        Rehearsals- 25 points each


8) Suspension from marching band will occur for the following:

  • Three (3) unexcused absences from rehearsal
  • Any unexcused absence from a performance
  • Poor attitude not in keeping expectations and the tradition of the Monroe band program.


9)  If you are involved with another school activity, we can work out a schedule.             Students are expected to share equal time between activities. Please check with          Miss Badgett to set up a schedule prior to the marching season.


10)  “M” Club

The “M” club pin is presented to members of the marching band who show a strong work ethic and dedication to excellence by going “above and beyond” standard expectations.  An incentive board is placed on a wall in the band room with each student’s name listed. As a student is caught going “above and beyond” to improve the quality of the band (ex. helping another student, showing good character, making good choices, demonstrating home practice through significant performance improvement, etc.) a sticker will be placed by their name.  Once the required number of stickers has been earned, the student will receive their pin.  The pins may be worn on the right chest of their band uniform during performance. 


11)  Section leaders

It is the duty of section leaders to be positive leaders for the group with which they are working.  Students will be selected to work groups based on need, not necessarily by section.  For example, a flute player may be asked to work with low brass to demonstrate the proper technique.  The section leaders will be chosen based upon marching and playing ability as well as positive attitudes. 


12)  Equipment

Any student who uses a school owned instrument will be required to fill out an instrument loan form as well as pay the $15 usage fee.  This is a requirement regardless if a student takes the instrument home on not.  If the fee/form is not turned in, the student will not be allowed to participate/perform until the fee is paid and form turned in.


13)  Travel

Students will travel to and from football games and events as a group by bus unless otherwise specified.  Students may be released to the parent/guardian at the conclusion of the event providing that a note is provided.  Students will not be released to leave with other individuals than their parent/guardian.



14)  Attendance/participation

Any student who is not in attendance for the entire school day will not be permitted to participate in any extracurricular activity that day.  The student must be in attendance by 11:00 AM to be considered present for the school day.  Pre-approved, documented absences such as dentist/doctor appointments, court appearances, funerals, college visits, etc. are the exceptions to this policy.  Parent notes alone are not sufficient to create an exception to this policy.  



15) Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in marching band, students must maintain a 1.75 grade point average. 


16)  Other required materials

a)  Winds and Percussion students are required to have plain black marching shoes, black socks and black dress gloves.  The shoes must be entirely black and must NOT be patent leather (shiny) material.  You may place the order with the band during pre-camp or order on your own through any marching accessory company.  Some acceptable companies include:


Brand of shoes recommended are DrillMaster or Dinkles


            b)  Auxiliary students- please see the auxiliary information packet for required       materials.


It is my sincere hope that you find the marching band as an enjoyable experience as I do.  The above rules have been developed in order that we ALL may have an enjoyable experience.


Remember BAND PRIDE at all times.  You have a lot to be proud of.  Do not let “silly” things get in the way of the band’s success.


Please return the contract signature page to Miss Badgett by May 28.


This contract supersedes all others.


Forms Checklist & Due Dates


________ Please let Miss Badgett know about any food allergies by May 28. Place on the                                    contract.


________ Flex Credit form for PE credit Due May 28 (for grades 9-12)


________ Instrumental Music Emergency Medical Form due by July 1


________ OHSAA Pre-participation Physical Evaluation form Due July 22. May be                                  dropped off at school or mailed if not completed by the July 4th parade.





Spring/Summer/Fall Band Dates

Marching Band 2013-14


All rehearsals & performances are mandatory unless excused by Miss Badgett in advance. 


May 21                       Auxiliary practice 3:00-4:30


May 22, 23                Memorial Day rehearsal 3:00-4:00


May 27                       Memorial Day Performance in Monroe

             This is mandatory for all 2012-2013 marching band members                                    unless you have an excused absence.


             **Parents are responsible for transporting students and their instruments to & from the Veteran’s Memorial at the corner of Cincinnati-Dayton Road   and St. Route 63.


             Report Time: 9:15AM


             Attire: Navy Blue top & Khaki pants (or long khaki skirt), Black shoes preferred.


             What to bring:  Your instrument & music. A bottle of water is suggested.  You may bring a folding stand if you  wish.


             Service:  The service will begin at 10:00AM and end at approximately 11:00AM


             Parents: Are welcome and encouraged to attend the service.  Bring a lawn chair.



May 29                       Last Day of school for students



July 1                         6:00- 8:00 PM  Marching band parade rehearsal

July 2                         6:00- 8:00 PM  Marching band parade rehearsal

July 3                         6:00- 8:00 PM  Marching band parade rehearsal


July 4                         Parade in Monroe report time TBA to Kroger Parking lot


July 22-July 26       Pre Camp at Monroe 8AM-12PM

                                                Uniform Fitting

                                                Shoe/boots orders placed


July 29-August 2   Band Camp at Monroe 8:30AM-9:30PM- Mandatory

                                    Wednesday, camp will be dismissed at 5:00PM.


August 6                  9AM-12PM rehearsal at Monroe


August 8                  9AM-12PM rehearsal at Monroe

August 8                  Picture Day in full uniform

                                                Time TBA


August 12                9AM-12PM rehearsal at Monroe


August 13                9AM-12PM rehearsal at Monroe


August 14                9AM-12PM rehearsal if needed


August TBA                        Hornet Days performance


August                      School starts- begin regular rehearsal Tues.

                                    Monday, Tuesday,Thursday 2:50-4:30


August 30                Game- Home v. Talawanda      


September 6           Game- Away v. Ross


September 13        Game- Home v. Fenwick


September 14        Fenwick Contest


September 20        Game- Home v. Franklin


September 26        Homecoming parade & bonfire performance-evening


September 27        Game- Home v. Valley View (Homecoming)


September/October        Saturday Contest #2


October 4                Game- Away v. Eaton


October 11              Game- Away v. Brookville


October 18             Game- Home v. Oakwood (Senior Night)


October 25              Game- Away v. Northridge


November 1                        Game- Away v. Bellbrook


Marching Band Expectations & Contract






I have read, understand and agree to abide by the above rules and regulations for Monroe Bands.



__________________________________                                        ___________

Student signature                                                                                Date



__________________________________                                        ___________

Parent or guardian signature                                                               Date






Food allergies:___________________________________________________

(for camp meal preparation purposes)











You have chosen to be a part of a group with a long history and tradition of Excellence.  Welcome to the Best Band in the Land- MONROE!










































Excused Absence Request Form


Student Name_________________________ Grade__________




Day/Date requested___________________________


Reason for Absence:   (check all that apply)


________ Participation in meet/match/game/competition


________ Severe Personal Illness


          ________ Severe Family Illness


________ Emergency Medical/Dental


          ________ Other (please specify) __________________________________

Reminder!!! Work, babysitting, and similar reasons are NEVER considered an excused absence and will affect the student’s grade.


Perfect attendance:  Any absence, including excused, will count against the perfect attendance reward.



Signed by parent ___________________________________________________



For Band Director only