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The Monroe Jr/Sr High School Athletic Department has partnered with HomeTown Ticketing to enhance our ticketing protocols for the safety of our parents, families and event workers while attending our athletic events. 
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever we're working to minimize the amount of in-person transactions and expedite the admission process at our events. Through the use of the HomeTown Ticketing platform, we're able to sell tickets to our athletic events online in advance of the game. In doing so allows for the following:
  • Elimination of long lines at ticket windows.
  • Enables increased social distancing and minimizes congregation points at the entrance to events.
  • Expedited entrance into events via quick electronic scanning of paper tickets or from an electronic device.
  • Minimizes the in person "cash" transactions at ticket gates between two people.
  • Allows for the use of credit cards to purchase tickets.
  • Ensures each student is able to have their allotted number of family members purchase tickets to the event through a unique code for each athlete.
Additionally, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools in our area have moved towards this platform. In doing so, Monroe Local Schools will be able to work with our opponents to ensure consistency when possible at home and away events. The Ohio High School Athletic Association has also shared that postseason tickets for OHSAA will be delivered via this same platform. Our hopes are in moving towards this on a consistent basis; it provides smooth transactions for our parents and community at the many other events utilizing this same platform for events not taking place here at Monroe. 
Last but not least, while with any online ticketing platform, we are aware that there is a transaction fee associated with purchasing tickets online. While we do understand this inconvenience, we believe for the safety of our spectators and event workers utilizing this platform at this time makes the most sense and we will continue to phase this in across our athletic events, starting with our larger events first. Please know once capacity limitations are lifted by the Ohio Department of Health and Governor DeWine and thus need to track the number of tickets sold per player is removed, we have full intention to return to both in person and online ticket sales options.