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How do I contact the Transportation Department?

The best way to reach the transportation department is via email: Dispatcher - or General Manager -


How do establish a Bus Stop or make Transportation Change Requests?

Students are permitted to have one morning stop and one afternoon stop only. If a need arises to permanently change your stop please complete a transportation change form on the One View parent portal. It can take up to 3 business days to make the change and once the change is made the student can ride the new bus.

Temporary changes can not be honored as it is so disruptive to mandatory seating charts and routes.


Address and Phone number changes

If you have a change of address the change must be made with the district office before we can change it at transportation. Our home address must match what is on file in the district database.

To change phone numbers of contacts please email transportation or and we will make those changes to your student record.


Where do I find my Bus Stop Information

Effective August of 2020 the transportation department will no longer mail out post cards with bus information. All parents and/or students should download the free Petermann Bus Tracker app to obtain the bus stop information and times. The app will display information Monday – Friday from 12:30 AM – 11:59 PM but not on the weekends.

This is a free app and it is available from the Apple and Google Play stores or using the following link. Student ID numbers are needed to access student bus information and can be obtained from Progress Book.

Information will be available beginning August 2, 2021 but it is very important to check it again the day before school starts for any changes that may have affected bus number, time, or bus stop information.


Do I have to be at my Bus Stop Location in my assigned Place of Safety?

Students are required by Ohio Administrative Code (3301-83-13-B-6) to be outside at their bus stops designated place of safety 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive in the morning and until the bus pulls away in the afternoon. The drivers will designate the place of safety at the beginning of the year. Students are not to wait in the house. Drivers are required to count the students at the designated place of safety as they pull up to the stop in the morning and as they pull away in the afternoon. It is recommended that parents accompany students to the bus stop.


Why doesn't my bus come down my Dead End Streets or Cul-de-sac?

The most dangerous maneuver a school bus can make is backing the bus. For this reason, we do not go into dead-end streets or cul-de-sacs unless we have a student we are legally required to pick up at their door or if the distance the student would have to walk is exceeding legal limits (up to one-half mile). It is recommended that parents accompany students to the bus stop.


Who decides if I will be crossing the street?

We do our best to ensure that students don’t have to cross the street, there will be times that students of all ages will have to cross to get to and from the bus stop. However, there are also some major streets that for safety reasons we will not allow any student to cross and the bus will be routed to the house side even if it means a longer ride.

What happens if my student receives a bus referral or student discipline?

Please make sure you go over the School Bus Rules with your student(s).

When there are behavior issues with students on the bus the drivers will do their best to work with the student to correct the behavior prior to submitting bus referrals to the school and will speak to the parents when they are at the bus stop. In the event of any safety violations, for example, walking in the aisle or hitting another student, it is possible that a bus referral will be submitted without any counseling or warnings.

The bus referrals are submitted to the proper building administrator and then they handle the issue according to the building discipline policy including determination of any disciplinary or other measures.