Monroe Primary Transportation Change Form

In an effort to ensure the safety of all students and value instructional time during our school day, transportation changes MUST be made by 10:00 a.m.. We will no longer accept transportation changes by phone or through emailing a staff member (teacher, office staff, etc...). You may send a note signed by parent/guardian with the following information:

  • child's first and last name
  • child's homeroom teacher
  • details regarding the change
  • date of the change
  • signed by parent or guardian

You may also complete this online transportation request by 10:00 a.m. Please fill in the form below in order to request a change in your child's normal transportation mode.

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Student(s) Requiring Change:
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Teacher's Name:
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Date(s) of Change:
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Nature of Change (Choose One Only):
Change to a Bus Rider
Change to a Bus Rider (Only check if your child is on the bus list that you are requesting and you have completed a transportation card for that bus. If you are changing to a bus rider and have never ridden that bus those changes may take up to 3 school days as the bus route may need to be modified.)

If change is to bus rider,
What bus will your child be riding?:

Change to a Car Rider

If change is to car rider, Name of person picking up child AND relationship (ex. dad, grandparent, neighbor, friend, etc...):

Parent/Guardian Name:

Parent/Guardian Email:

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By submitting my information I verify that I am a parent/guardian of student(s).

You will receive an email confirmation from with the subject Transportation Change Request Confirmation. If you do not receive that email please check your spam or junk folder.