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Emergency Phone Notifications

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Emergency Phone Notifications

Jul 10, 2020
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Monroe Local Schools use a communication system to provide routine and emergency communications to families and staff.  The types of notifications can include phone call, email, or text messaging.  Messaging is sent through the system for regular building communication, calamity days, emergency notifications, and other district communications.

By registering a student and having our central office registration team approve their enrollment, your phone number and email are added to receive communications from the district student information system.

To add or revise contact information for Emergency Phone Notifications sent by the Monroe Local School District, please go to the OneView Portal where you can log in and select the call preferences and see previous messages for the Bright Arrow notifications.

If you are not receiving notifications, please check that system to ensure your contact information is accurate in the OneView Portal.  In the event that your contact information is accurate but you didn't receive notifications please contact your school building office.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I receive a call but don't hear any message what should I do?

The system responds to a sound or greeting to know that it has reached a person, try saying something into the phone and the message should begin to play.

I receive a call and the message starts over midway through, what should I do?

There is a feature of the system trying to recognize if a voicemail greeting has started.  That also is impacted by background noise.  If you hit any number button on the phone that should notify the system you are a person and will play the message in its entirety.

What are the reasons the system might not leave a voice mail?

There are 3 reasons the system may not deliver a voice mail message.

  1. Your voice mail box is full
  2. Your voice mail or cell phone carrier has anti-spam
  3. Your voice mail recorded greeting is very quiet

If the system leaves a voice message, does it continue to try to call me?

If a voice mail message is delivered to your number, the system stops trying to deliver the message.

Does the system send any text messages?

Yes, the system can allow the school to send a phone call, email, or possibly a text message.

Because of rules by the FCC, any parents/guardians who selected to receive a text message will need to opt into the system.  Please text ‘Yes’ to 87569.

Your contact information must be in the online system and opting in by texting yes to 87569 will not add you to that list.  Please login here to add contact information.

To stop text messages you can text 'Stop', 'No', or 'Cancel' to 87569.

Can I hear messages again or replay them?

There is a toll-free number to call back to hear recent messages sent to your phone number.  Call 855-994-4242 to hear any recent message that was sent to your phone number.  The messages do time out but you can check the online portal for previous messages as well.

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