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Technology Department

Tony Thornton, Director

Logan Westfall, IT Support Specialist

Andrea Carovillano, Instructional Technology Coach

Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide a vision within our district where technology integration supports and enhances curriculum at all grade levels through progressive and interactive resources. In pursuit of this vision, the IT department will:

  • Provide and maintain a robust, reliable and secure infrastructure
  • Maintain existing equipment and software and upgrade to current standards or versions whenever financially possible
  • Assist administration, staff and students with training and desktop support
  • Facilitate a communication bridge between school and community via our district website
  • Support and encourage 21st Century learning within our district


1:1 Frequently Asked Questions

Google Classroom Tutorial for Students and Parents

Accessing your school Google account from home

  1. Go to and click "Sign In" in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Type the student’s full email address ( and enter the student's ID.


Vetting process for software and apps used in the classroom

Teachers: Request a new digital tool

As new digital tools are requested for classroom use, the Technology Committee will review each application to ensure it meets Monroe's standards for best practice. The tool will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Safe/ secure access for all students
  • Ad free
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Use abide by Monroe's Acceptable Use Policy

When available, the tool is vetted using

Monroe Local Schools takes pride in the digital tools we provide to our students, staff, and community members. A list of school-approved programs that our students may use in various classroom settings can be found here. To find detailed privacy information about any of these sites and apps, please visit the Privacy Policies page.

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