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MJHS Counseling

Welcome to the MJHS Counseling Office

Mrs Barger

Mrs. Elizabeth Barger

MJHS School Counselor

(513) 360-0511

Room D202 (second floor)

MJHS Counseling Supports 


Academic Supports:

  • Meetings to discuss grades
  • Offer solutions to struggling students
  • Facilitate help with teachers and study tables

Responsive Services:

  • Calming space for self-regulation
  • Discussions providing emotional support
  • Conflict resolution with peers
  • School-based therapy referral

Future Planning:

  • Career Cafe for seventh graders
  • Butler Tech field trip for eighth graders
  • Career exploration within HIVE
  • Future class scheduling

Teacher Supports:

  • Facilitate parent/teacher communication
  • Collaborate on potential interventions
  • Coordinate group conferences

Buildingwide Programs:

  • Mindful Music Moments
  • Skill-building workshops
  • End-of-Year Awards
  • Breakfast of Champions
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