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Pupil Personnel

Nancy Stratton, Director of Pupil Personnel

Monroe staff, students and the community are committed to the engagement of learners and increasing student achievement. Pupil personnel staff support students in the following groups: early childhood, gifted, homeless, English learners, and special education. 

We individualize learning experiences so that all children can achieve the highest potential success. We do this through small group instruction targeting specific skills, whole group instruction targeting foundational skills, and inclusionary support to the learner in the general education environment. 


Child Find Notification Letter

Dear Resident of Monroe Local Schools,

Monroe Local Schools receives federal Special Education Part B Title funds and IDEA Early Childhood Special Education funds. The District is responsible for "finding" potentially eligible children with a disability as defined by IDEA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Monroe Local Schools continues their search to identify resident students between the ages of 3 and 21 who may exhibit difficulties with mobility, vision, hearing, voice quality, communication, speech, physical limitations due to bone or muscle abnormalities, information processing, and/or emotional difficulties. We also are searching for children who have physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities. (Major life activities include: performing manual tasks, seeing, hearing, caring for oneself, walking, standing, communicating, speaking, eating, bending, lifting, working, concentrating, learning, reading, thinking, sleeping, or breathing.)

If you know a child who resides in Monroe Local Schools with one or more of the difficulties listed above, please encourage the parent(s) to contact the Pupil Personnel Department at (513)539-2536.

A member of our team will initiate a referral for a screening or possible evaluation. In order to receive early intervention, section 504 services or special education services, a child must be evaluated to confirm that they have a delay or disability that falls under federal and state definitions.

If you have a child or know of a child you feel may be delayed in any of the areas listed above and is younger than 3 years old, referrals should be made through the Help Me Grow Program at (513)785-6850.

Please feel free to call and request additional information, or ask any questions regarding the services that we provide. The school district is required to inform the public each year of its participation in the federal programs used to supplement our services for students ages 3 – 21.

Suggestions or questions regarding these funds should be directed to the Pupil Personnel Department.

Pupil Personnel Department

500 Yankee RoadMonroe, Ohio 45050

Tel: (513) 539-2536

Fax: (513) 539-2648

Nancy Stratton, Director of Pupil Personnel


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