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The mission of the Monroe Local Schools Counseling Department is to increase equity and opportunities in the development of the whole child, through empirically supported programming. The data-driven comprehensive school counseling program strives to create positive relationships with other educational stakeholders, in order to MOTIVATE all students with developmentally appropriate, preventative, and responsive counseling services. This comprehensive school counseling program will LEAD students to academic, social/emotional, and career readiness SUCCESS.

Students will leave Monroe Local Schools as responsible, innovative and resilient members of society who are well prepared to meet the academic, career, and social/emotional challenges of the global community. Students will have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become successful community members. Monroe Local Schools graduates will be prepared to take risks, be collaborative problem solvers, and be able to build effective interpersonal relationships.

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Counseling Curriculum and Plan of Services


Monroe Local Schools Mental Health Guidance Flow Chart


Elizabeth Barger, Counselor
Grades 7-8

Ronnie Dahn, Counselor
Grades 10-11

Katrina Irons, Counselor
Grades 2 - 6
Last Names: A-K

Dara Laforest, Counselor
Grades 11-12

Carrie Long, Counselor
Grades 9-12
Assessment Coordinator

Marianne Marconi, Counselor
Grades PS - 1

April McFarland, Counselor
Grades PS - 1

Kara Talbot, Counselor
Grades 9-10

Megan Rosenthal, Counselor
Grades 2 - 6
Last Names: L-Z

Jamie Wehry, Secretary
Jr / Sr High School
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