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Monroe High School Counseling

Counseling Team

Monroe High School Counseling Department

Welcome to the Monroe High School counseling department.  This website is designed to provide you with a variety of information.  Our department offers a range of services from academic and college/career planning to social/emotional guidance.

Monroe Local School District Counseling Curriculum and Plan of Services 

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday    7:40am-3:00pm

Students and parents can contact their counselor via email or phone to request a meeting. Students can meet with their counselor in-person when they are in the building by request. Parent meetings can be held via zoom or phone call. Phone number: 513-539-8473

Miss Dahn (10th Grade and 11th Grade):

Mrs. Laforest (11th -12th Grade):

Mrs. Long (9th-12th Assessment Coordinator): 

Mrs. Talbot (9th Grade): 

Mrs. Wehry (7-12th Secretary): 

Mrs Talbot

Mrs. Talbot

9th  Grade

School Counselor 

Mrs Laforest

Mrs. Laforest

11th -12th Grade

School Counselor

CCP: College Credit Plus Contact 

Mrs Long

Mrs. Long

9-12th Grade Assessment Coordinator/ School Counselor 

Ronnie Dahn

Miss Dahn

10-11th Grade 

School Counselor 

Mrs Wehry

Mrs. Wehry

7th-12th Counseling Office Secretary 

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