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Monroe High School Counseling Office: Academic

Ten Tips for a Great School Year!

1. Get Plenty of Rest

Having an adequate amount of sleep is imperative to a successful high school career. Students who tend to sleep less than eight hours a night may not be as awake or alert during the day. In addition to school work, if you plan to participate in after-school activities or sports, you will need to rest up to do your best.


2. Eat Breakfast and Lunch

Always start your school days off with a healthy breakfast to get you through the day until lunch. If you are not a big breakfast eater, then consider eating a protein bar or smoothie to stave off hunger. If you tend to eat later in the morning, you may want to carry a small snack to munch on between classes before lunch. If you do not like the school lunch, you can pack lunch to take to school. This way you have exactly the kinds of foods you enjoy.


3. Keep your Locker Organized

There are several types of locker organization systems available. Choose a shelving system that allows you to store your books and folders in an upright position. This will be especially helpful for when you are rushing to your locker between classes. You could also hang a magnetic, dry erase board on the inside door to help you keep track of the day's to-do list.


4. Keep your Classes Organized

Purchase color-coded folders to use for each class. This will not only help when you are looking in your locker for a specific class, but you can also store all the class notes in one area without mixing them up with another class.


5. Talk with People

There is no reason to be shy with new people. Whether you are returning to high school, or you are new, talk with the people around you. Look to your left and right, and meet the people on either side of your locker - they'll be there all year long. In addition to making friends, talking with people may help you with class work and trying out for sports.


6. Get Involved

Look at the list of after school sports and clubs available to you. Pick something that interests you, and join the team. This not only looks good on your resume, but it is a great way to meet people, exercise your brain or body and show your school spirit.


7. Attend Orientation When Available

New students should always attend school orientation. Even students who are going into their senior years will want to attend orientation. It is a great way to meet students, teachers and hear what is going on with the class.


8. Sit in the Front

Do not slink into the back row of a classroom because you will get called on more, and you may not hear everything the teacher has to say. Stick near the front or middle, unless you have assigned seats, for the best experience.


9. Create a Homework Area

Assign a place at home that is your designated homework area. This area should be off-limits to anyone besides you during your designated homework time. Choose an area that is free of distractions, such as a desk in your room or dining room table, so you can concentrate on school work.


10. Prepare for the Next Day

Lay out your clothes, books and other things you may need for the following day of school. If you pack your own lunch, consider doing it the night before to cut down on the morning rush.

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