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Transportation Department

Mandatory Opt-In and Transportation Information for 2023-24


Final Forms


Once again, we will be requiring parents to “opt-in” for transportation for each student for the 2023-24 school year. This will allow transportation to route only those students that will be riding buses.

  • The opt-in process for 2023-24 ends July 23, 2024.
  • Opt-in will be handled through Final Forms.
  • If the “opt-in” period is missed it may affect your child’s bus stop location and there could be a delay of up to two weeks to get a bus when school starts.
  • Only one consistent stop is permitted for AM and one consistent stop for PM all five days of the week. AM and PM stop locations can be different (for example, home pick-up in the morning and day care drop-off in the afternoon).
  • If your child attends a daycare and the center is closed, you will need to use the day care parking lot in order to use the bus. This will require you to be at the day care waiting for the bus for both AM and PM since there would be no day care staff to supervise the students. We will not change the bus stop location to your home.
  • Any time you drive your child to school you will need to follow the car rider procedures at each building.
  • If your student will not ride during the sports season, please indicate that on your opt-in form so we do not remove your student for the remainder of the school year.
  • If students don’t ride for one month, they will be removed from the transportation schedule and you will need to complete an updated transportation form in Final Forms to add them back to the bus route. Having students on the roster that do not ride the bus can make stop times inaccurate for those that do.
  • Students are not permitted to ride any bus other than their scheduled bus. Students are not permitted to ride buses home with friends.

Opt-ins are tracked as they are received and reminders are sent through Final Forms to those that have not responded.

We will not begin the actual routing process until after the opt-in period ends on July 23.

Bus information will be available for the 2023-24 school year will be available beginning Aug. 7, 2023 using Bus Tracker as it has in the past few school years. Bus Tracker will not be “turned on” and visible until Aug. 7 so please do not worry when you cannot see any information prior to Aug. 7. After this date, please continue to check Bus Tracker regularly as it will show any time or stop changes that may occur as students are added and deleted from the routes and continue to check it
through the year.


Opt-in forms can be accessed via Monroe's Final Forms portal.

If you have not yet registered for a Final Forms account, click here for instructions.


Contact the Transportation Department at (513) 539-0324
Dispatcher - Cindi Gillen

General Manager - Amy Thorpe
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