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Federal Grant Program Notification

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Federal Grant Program Notification

Oct 27, 2023

Effective July 1, 2023 the district receives federal funds from the following programs:

  1. Title I-A: Improving Basic Programs (Fund 572)
  2. Title II-A: Supporting Effective Instruction (Fund 590)
  3. Title III: Language Instruction for English Learners (Fund 551)
  4. IDEA B: Individual with Disabilities Education Act (Fund 516)
  5. IDEA: Early Childhood Special Education (Fund 587)
  6. Title IV-A: Student Support and Academic Enrichment (Fund 599)

In addition to the grants outlined above the district will actively pursue any Federal Grants Program which may be viable for our students and programs.

The allocation/available funds for each of these programs varies each year depending upon the Federal Government’s overall allocation to Ohio as well as other determining factors for each eligible district. However, the district does receive over $750,000 in aggregate for these programs and is required to have a single audit each year in addition to the annual audit requirement.

The District’s State and Federal program is managed by the superintendent and the treasurer’s office. Allocation and budget preparation is done by the curriculum director and director of pupil personnel and funds are managed by the treasurer. Any questions regarding the budget and allocation may be directed to the board office at (513) 539-2536.

These guidelines are updated and maintained by the treasurer’s office.

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